Winter Newsletter June & July

Well winter has arrived and Cape Town experienced one of the worst storms in 30 years, but we are still grateful for the rain that fell to assist the empty dams that are in crisis.  Hope you are enjoying having some warm soup by the fireplace, it is a beautiful time of the year as we still have those magnificent sunrises and windless sunny days although it is Winter.

An initiative between the CPF and the Police has taken place to formalise and train the existing car guards  as parking attendants in Simon’s Town. This is the first picture of our trained Pink Jacket car guards.
We at the STCA fully support this initiative as it is a way of working towards improving and rehabilitatingtheir lives.  We ask that our Members give them all their support to encourage them in their new venture
Water is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide as we know, and especially here in the Western Cape.   We are now on Level 4b restrictions and from what we have heard everyone is really trying to do what they can to save water. Saving the shower water has just become second nature and this can be used in the garden, filling up the cistern of your toilet or giving the car a quick once over. Better still is to get a water tank to catch the rainwater. It is extremely important that we keep saving water as we have done in the past months. The crisis is not over and could persist for the next few years.Please report all water leaks to


INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC BAG FREE DAY is on Monday 3rd July, we have been sent the following information and we at the STCA support this initiative
Did you know? :-

  • It takes between 100 and 500 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate, depending on the type of plastic.
  • 80% of marine litter is plastic.
  • Plastic bags not only pollute the environment but actually directly harm many living organisms.
  • Plastic bags are cheap to produce but very expensive to clean from the environment.
  • Pulverised plastic waste in the sea gets into the food chain.
  • Future generations will suffer from the pollution caused by plastic bags.

(information from )

As concerned residents of the greater Simon’s Town area we are promoting this campaign to:

  •  Discourage the use of single use plastic bags
  •  Encourage the use of reusable bags
  •  Reduce unnecessary plastic packaging

As a retail business you could benefit and participate by:

  • Only offering reusable or paper bags at tills (perhaps free or at a special price for the day?).
  • Advertising your cooperation with the campaign using media, signage, etc.
  • Giving prizes to people who have their own bags or don’t ask for plastic bags.
  • Collecting plastic bags to donate to projects such as Eco Brick Exchange ( )or False Bay Recycling (Yolanda Valentine 021 785 1938 / ).
  • Selling items wrapped in paper, natural materials or without wrapping, instead of plastic-wrapped.
  • Making it possible for customers to bring their own containers for certain products so as to avoid styrofoam and clingwrap.
  • Creating a plastic-free aisle in your store.

If you’re keen to participate, please contact:

Karen Gray-Kilfoil
Tel: 021 785 5811



After our Exco Meeting we arranged the JAM (Joint Association Meeting) which took place on the 6th June, 2017 with the various associations participating. Herewith is an overview of the meeting that took place on 6 June 2017 at the Simon’s Town Country Club


  • More members were requested to sit on the Committee CPF
  • Businesses were requested to get involved and and contribute to security
  • All were requested to assist and work with Police with law and order, despite being short staffed they are making progress in resolving issues
  • Neighbourhood Watches needed to be strengthened
  • Additional focus on management of street people was required


  • Currently has 300 Members and is financially sound
  • Many projects on the go but not enough committee members to help
  • Interim Chairman will need to be replaced
  • Would like to assist with projects originating from other Associations


  • Financials are sound
  • Have employed one of the unofficial car guards for the evenings and is working well
  • The containers situated in Jubilee Square are temporarily placed while the hotel is being upgraded
  • Any suggestions towards improving the ambience of Jubilee Square are welcome
  • The taking over of the management of informal traders is being considered


  • The STBA has initiated a campaign to tip or donate responsibly
  • A social programme supported by the Ward Councillor using a Social Worker and two Field Workers is in place
  • Concerns about traffic in Simon’s Town were raised. A request for a planning meeting will be made through the Ward Committee
  • The STBA were requested to revisit the problem with signage which does not conform to historical nature of our town. Any non compliance should be reported to Andy Greenwood at the Council
  • Taxi’s parking at the train station must be addressed
  • Ideas for the Tourist Office to be moved to be more accessible were requested


  • A new general website or newsletter developed with participation from all the Associations was proposed



  • Improved “Welcome to Simon’s Town” signage to be investigated
  • A presentation of the budget plan for the deep south to be organised for the next meeting
  • The social plan for Dido Valley is required from Subcouncil
  • Attempts to arrange meetings with San Parks, Navy and Estate Agents to be continued
  • Ongoing communication with Rotary Chairman is required regarding Eco Lodge with a view to ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Obtain clarity from DEA regarding ERF 1 at Glencairn
  • A letter to be written to Subcouncil regarding taxi parking problems at Simon’s Town Station
  • An STCA representative for the CPF to be appointed
  • Support for all initiatives by the CPF to outsource/upgrade car guards and the “Give Responsibly” plan for social cohesion
  • A letter has been submitted to Council indicating the withdrawal of support for the development on Erf 4995 because the necessary conditions were not met
  • A strategic plan for the upgrading of Longbeach in Simon’s Town is being developed. This is a prime focus for 2017
  • Jam meeting to be set up
  • Water Crisis solutions need to be clarified by Council.
  • Traffic congestion along Main Road between Seaforth and Murdoch Valley must be assessed by Council to develop a workable solution.
  • Membership figures are up to 330
  • Initiatives relating to improving safety along the top of Redhill Road are supported
  • Objections to the proposed advertising billboard on Blackhill Rd to be submitted


Please support your Civic Association, which attends to so many issues in your area on your behalf

The way to sustain life is to build and nurture community”
Fritjof Capra


Membership options and Banking Details

R100 for one year
R300 for 3 years, the preferred option as saves hours of admin each year to follow up.

Branch code 036009
Account number 073 815 209
Reference: Initial, Surname and phone


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