Chairman’s Report March 2017

Chairmans Report March 2016

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight I am going to devote the bulk of my report to the update of our Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives and how they find expression in 11 Key performance indicators. I will also briefly touch on the roles and responsibilities of your EXCO members as well as the state of membership of the STCA.


A number of our EXCO members resigned from the committee during the year but fortunately they have been ably replaced. I would like to thank Nikki Werksman who has taken a break from the committee, and who gave many years of service to us, as well as Rachel Browne who is out of the country for a period. At the same time we welcome on board new members Kathy Bolitho as secretary as well as Michael Richards who takes on the communications role.

I am pleased to report that the committee is still functioning well and is meeting on a monthly basis, and is successfully progressing issues as they arise. For the first time in a number of years we now have full representation on all structures and committees that we are committed to.

The Exco members and their responsibilities are as follows

Chairman Richard Kenny

Vice Chair Eileen Heywood

Treasurer Tim Skea

Secretary Kathy Bolitho

Membership Merle Evertse Comms and Key Stakeholders Michael Richards

Public Participation and JAM Vacant

Property Development David Morgan

Environment and Natural Beauty Brigid Jackson

Glencairm Special Interests Cilla Bromley

Members on Representative Bodies

Far South Community Forum Merle Evertse

Eileen Heywood

Simon’s Town Trust Merle Evertse

STADCO Richard Kenny

Ward Committee Michael Richards

Architectural Committee David Morgan

Sub- Council Representative Kathy Bolitho


Our objective remains to increase membership to over 400 paid up members. This year our membership has increased marginally to over 300 paid up members. Although at our last General Meeting our membership ratified the increase of membership fees to R100 per year we do not believe that this is a significant barrier to recruitment for most prospective members. We have noticed an interesting trend of members of the community approaching us on various issues and when asked they admit to not being paid up members but are willing to do so when requested. This is I suspect the case for many of the residents in town and the onus rests on all of us to spread the message regarding joining up and thereby strengthening of association.

Vision: Mission: Strategic Objectives: Key Performance Indicators

Over the last 18 months the EXCO has been formulating our strategies to guide the STCA in our endeavors. At the last General Meeting we presented, and the meeting endorsed, our Key focus areas. This has now been further developed to now articulate our full strategic intent which I would now like to share with you.

Strategic Plan


The STCA acts as a pressure group to champion communal issues on behalf of the residents of the Greater Simon’s Town area, providing specific focus on local issues. We are represented and participate on various civic organizations promoting the culture and character of the town. We also provide a conduit for the community to raise issues with Key Stakeholders including Cape Town

City management.


We will organise and recruit members from the local community stretching from Glencairn in the North down to Millers Point in the South and Westwards to include the communities of Dido Valley and Redhill.

We will elect an EXCO to formulate and execute a Strategic Plan, (to be approved and supported by the STCA members at the AGM). The EXCO will devise a set of Key Strategic Objectives annually which will be underpinned by quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

The Executive Committee (EXCO) will meet on a monthly basis to discuss and report on progress as well as manage new issues of interest to the community.

We recognize that some of our most significant stakeholders are

-the residents of Greater Simon’s Town,

-the S A Navy,

-Public Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa),

-City of Cape Town Council, (CoCT)

-South African National Parks (SANparks),

-businesses operating in the area.

and we acknowledge that we need to establish and maintain working relationships with all these stakeholders even though they may have differing viewpoints concerning the ongoing issues effecting our community.

Strategic Objectives

At the 2016 AGM the STCA membership approved the Key Strategic Objectives to be

  • Promote a Cohesive Community

  • Maintain the natural beauty of the area

  • Monitor building developments

  • Improve relationships with Key Stakeholders (Navy and PRASA)

Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s)

In striving to achieve the Strategic Objectives the following Key Performance Indicator’s have been agreed upon by the EXCO.

Promote a cohesive community


Re-establish the Joint Associations Meeting (JAM) and hold quarterly meetings. Initial actions to include establishing a common calendar showing key events in the town as well as key organizational dates for the various meetings i.e. monthly, and annual meeting’s of the participating organisation’s.

Responsibility T.B.A.


Ensure regular (monthly) publication of news and events to the members of the STCA, and promote the value of membership.

Responsibility Michael Richards


Promote membership of the STCA and grow total members from 250 to over 400 by end of 2017

Responsibility Merle Evertse.

Maintain Natural Beauty of Area


Co ordinate with the relevant authorities re the eradication of alien vegetation within the boundaries of our community. This will be done by jointly identifying areas needing attention, documenting progress and reporting on such back into the STCA membership via portals as mention in KPI 2.

Responsibility Brigid Jackson


Establish a working relationship with the specific person delegated by the CoCT responsible for liaison on maintaining/ improving beaches in our area and then participate and give community input into upgrades specifically starting with Long Beach.

Responsibility Kath Bolitho.

Monitor Building Developments


Manage the Departure Application process and provide an effective service to the community by maintaining an operating cycle of less than 2 weeks from receipt of application.

Responsibility David Morgan


Represent STCA interests in other developments via participating in regular meetings with the Architectural Committee as well as the Dido Valley Steering Committee, or other developments as they arise.

Responsibility David Morgan

Improve Relationships with Key Stakeholder


Identify the correct official to interact with in the SA Navy, Prasa, and SANparks, and establish a regular interface meeting with them to share issues of mutual interest to both parties.

Responsibility Michael Richards


Improve ongoing working relationship with CoCT by vigorous participation in the Ward Committee system.

Responsibility Michael Richards,

KPI 10

Represent STCA issues on the Sub Council meeting.

Responsibility Kathy Bolitho

KPI 11

Documentation to the CoCt on issues identified by the STCA needing attention and maintain a register of this and related communication.

Responsibility T.B.A


I trust that you have found our strategic plan informative. At the next GM and AGM we will now be able to give specific feedback on the KPI’s, and thereby track our progress in a quantifiable way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow EXCO members for the dedication they apply to their responsibilities and also to the greater membership of the STCA without whose support we would not be able to function.

Also a word of thanks to the establishments who have generously donated the snacks we have here tonight.

They are

Thank you