February 2017 Newsletter



It has come to the committee’s attention that residents may not be aware of our CORRECT contact details. Our email address is stcamail@gmaiI.com.
We are no longer using the stcanews@gmail.com account or the simonstowncivicassociation@gmail.com email accounts.
Date:   WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH 2017
Time:    5.30 FOR 6.00 ( 17h30 FOR 18h00) Please note NEW time, this is to allow for a Q&A at the end of the meetingThe STCA will be holding its AGM in the Town hall on 22nd March 2017 and we would like as many residents as possible to attend this meeting.  We have listened to your comments where a suggestion was made that we need a more practical current affairs speaker as well as our Ward Councillor to give a more in-depth overview of the situation, with a question and answer session at the end.   This will have to be monitored as only relevant questions will be considered.




Q & A Session afterwards




The FSPCF have been very involved with the recycling company for the Far South and I am sure we have all noticed now that the bags are being collected promptly and new bags are left for the coming week.   There is a Recycling event planned for Saturday 22nd April, 2017 where the aim of the event is to raise awareness of recycling – what things can be recycled in the Far South, which organisations use the different recyclables and how this can be income-generating.  It’s also about the dangers caused by waste to our environment and the alternative uses of waste.  There is a possibility that a site could be used near Compass bakery for sorting, which would be much closer, and have a job creation possibility. Any problems with recycling or waste removal should be reported to wastewise.user@capetown.gov.za



Please remember to use water sparingly we are on Level 3B Restrictions

  • Water sparingly in the early morning and late afternoon on the watering days.
  • When replacing plants go Indigeonous.
  • Cover pools for less evaporation from sun and wind.
  • Use gray water where you can.

Please report all water leaks to watertoc@capetown.gov.za



Baboons are a special part of our area and we need to look after them.  Sometimes we may be scared of them or don’t know what to do when they are around us, but they need to survive and the latest fires have also made that very difficult for them.   Don’t feed them and don’t hurt them.
Lorraine Holloway is very involved with the organisation and there is a link to a facebook page for more information and contacts:



The train service in Simon’s Town is becoming a real problem, from tourists not being able to travel on them, not being safe or clean, to the daily commuters that can never rely on the service to get them to their employment on time.

We have called on Prasa to do something about this and to set up a meeting with us as they promised to partner with us at the STCA, as well as the community, but we need your support.!!  Join the association and become a member and BE INVOLVED.  We need a large member base to stand together and complain, but we only have 260 paid members on our database at the moment.  Thank you to those that have supported us.

To quote from two letters written to the Peoples Post :
1st Quote”
“Concerned Resident and Employer ” from Simon’s Town ” Now passengers arriving at Fish Hoek with trains unable to proceed to Simon’s Town often have no buses waiting to take them further or there will be buses but no driver – he has gone shopping.  When this happens the driver makes no apology for the delay to the passengers who are already late.  The drivers are routinely arrogant.   What can we do?” – unquote

Taxis are used, at an extra cost and passengers have to wait until the taxi is full before they proceed, which means the commuters are always late for work.   This is unacceptable and we need to address this.

2nd comment is from the Fish Hoek Ratepayers Association:  We quote:
“We are concerned with matters such as planning issues, infrastructure, roads and transport”
“This should be a concern for everyone living here and we are appealing for community members to join the association”  Unquote

Time to stand and make a difference.

If you are a member tell your neighbours and a suggestion was made that we elect someone from the suburb and give them a receipt book to engage all the neighbours to join and pay.  This could be a wonderful way to get more members.



We had a very interesting talk on Saturday 18th February, in the Town Hall, where Tessa Oliver, a cousin of Brigid Jackson who heads up this portfolio, gave a presentation on Fire prevention in our homes and Fynbos verses alien vegetation.
We were informed that fires will always be around us and that it is up to us to fireproof our homes and surroundings.

  • Remove alien vegetation
  • Clear gutters of leaves regularly – apparently one of the most dangerous in a fire as an ember can fly through the air and land in the gutters and start a fire.
  • During a fire, to use your own water where possible ie from your pool

Kathy Bolitho has been working very hard to get Longbeach cleaned up and alien vegetation removed with a plan to really upgrade the area and the parking so more residents can enjoy this beautiful beach, Prasa will also have to play their part as some of the land belongs to them.

This portfolio has be divided into 2:
Merle Evertse                   Membership
Michael Richards             Communication

Merle will retain the Membership portfolio and Michael will take over the Communication as this is a large portfolio with a huge responsibility and requires more than one person to maintain.

We really want to get to 450 people (households) this year and need your support.
It was suggested that a receipt book be given to a designated person in a neighbourhood to get new members surrounding them with a possible reduction in their own membership as an incentive. Please let me know if you would like to do this and I will deliver a receipt book to you.   Due to the POPI regulation we are not allowed to just get email addresses from a list, so makes it a difficult task these days.
We will be going to Neighbourhood Watch Meetings (please email us the dates), secondly, giving a Folder of Information to the Estate Agents to hand over to new residents,  and thirdly hoping that new prospective members will attend the AGM.   We need 175 members to sign up before the end of 2017.
THANK YOU TO THE MEMBERS THAN SUPPORT US, please let others know what we are doing in Simon’s Town and why it is important to be part of the Association.
We are asked why should we join, what do we get for the money we pay.??  To mention a few things, we ensure new or renovated buildings follow the rules, keep the area as green as possible and advice on alien vegetation, keep our communication with Prasa re the trains (as difficult as that has been), engage with the Navy, resolve many service queries ie pavements that need repairing, potholes ect, have a website and facebook page to keep you updated, handle security issues, and generally look after the area.  All this for R100 per year!
Hope you will join.

Michael will be responsible for the advertising of the meetings in the local newspapers, and getting the Portfolios feed back at the EXCO meetings which we will put in the (hopefully) monthly newsletter

Michael will also be responsible to liase with our Keystake holders, being the Navy and Prasa

The Financial statement and report has been done by Tim Skea for the year ending 31 Dec 2017, and anyone wanting a copy of this pack, please email stcamail@gmail.comand we will forward one to you.

David Morgan does a great job collecting plans from STADCO that need to be signed off, and ensures that all the regulations are adhered to before they go the City of Cape Town.

Eileen Haywood and Cilla Bromley maintain the Glencairn area with great success, with Eileen being head of the CPF and NHWatches, all security issues are handled quickly.  Cilla from GEESE maintains the wetlands and assists with regular beach clean ups and this has been her passion as we all know, for many years.

The STCA continues to engage with the City of Cape Town and resolve queries relating to service delivery. There are still a few outstanding service requests from last year but these are being followed up regularly. ANY service requests may be reported to contactus@capetown.gov.za



R100 for one year
R300 for 3 years, the preferred option as saves hours of admin each year to follow up.

Branch code 036009
Account number 073 815 209
Reference: Initial, Surname and phone


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