2017 First MVCFRG Port Jackson Eradication Event

For those who wish to participate, our first Port Jackson Eradication Event was scheduled for Sat 28 Jan 2017 in the Southern part of our valley, where we started in August last year.

These hacks will be held on a weekly basis on a Saturday morning. The next hack will be 4 February 2017.

Time:    08H30 – 10H00

Tools:   Shovels, lopping shears, gardening gloves, flask of tea/coffee.

The impact that we made on the Port Jacksons lat year is very significant but there now are numerous small plants sprouting that can be easily removed, roots & all.

Some of the observations made include:
a. Very welcome, recent porcupine activity in the valley.
b. A pair of bokmakieries, fiscal flycatcher and a peregrine  falcon mother and juvenile.
c. Many of last season’s Port Jackson bushes seem to have been lopped off just above the ground by the COCT workers. When uprooting these plants with their new growth, it is noticeable how much stronger their roots have become.

Let’s hope for more rain in preparation for next Saturday’s event.

Hope to see you there!

Piet Potgieter. caravel@planetpastel.com