December Monthly Report on Public Participation

The City of Cape Town has been active in Simon’s Town and has undertaken a number of important tasks. Keep reading to find out what has been achieved.

Land at the end of Gillard Road in Simon’s Town was cleared by the City of Cape Town’s Parks department, the area is much neater and the City of Cape Town are commended for their efforts.

The Main Road in the vicinity of Dido Valley has been patched and repaired as this area was degrading substantially. The improvements are noted and the area is being monitored in order to effect maintenance as and when needed. Similar requests are to be sent to

The pathway linking Hopkirk Way and the Main Road via Cairn Steps has been upgraded and this has certainly made the place look better. Similar requests are to be sent to


The City of Cape Town’s Transport for Cape Town department has replaced the directional sign at the intersection of main Road and the Glencairn Express Way as it had become rusted and looked terrible. The City are thanked for the new sign. Similar requests are to be sent to

The City of Cape Town has refurbished the flower boxes outside of the magistrates’ court. This is a great improvement to this space and we are grateful for their assistance in this regard. Similar requests are to be sent to

The City of Cape Town Transport department lowered the kerb in the vicinity of the Main Road and Bellevue Road intersection in order to assist golfers to cross the Main Road more easily. The City are thanked for their involvement. Similar requests are to be sent to

The signage at the intersection of Waterfall Road, Main Road, and Soldier’s Way was consolidated in order to give the area a less cluttered feel. The desired effect has been achieved. Similar requests are to be sent to

The walls in Hospital lane and Rectory Lane and Smith’s Lane have been whitewashed by the City of Cape Town, this took longer than expected as Heritage approval was needed in order to carry out this maintenance. Similar requests are to be sent to

Footways in Hopkirk way have been cleared off in order to promote better pedestrian access. Similar requests are to be sent to


The City has replaced the sign for the Rocklands Centre. Similar requests are to be sent to

Transport for Cape Town refurbished the 21 parking bays in Quarry Road Simon’s Town. This will give business owners, visitors and residents a viable place to park near to the centre of town.

he STCA continues to assist residents to escalate and attend to complaints relating to local government and all requests for assistance should be sent to