Monthly Report for October

The City of Cape Town has been busy in the Simon’s Town area over the last few weeks. They have completed a number of tasks and residents will notice a significant improvement in some areas. The main improvements will be summarized below.


The City of Cape Town’s Transport for Cape Town department has completed the resurfacing of parts of Forest Hill Road. To report similar issues please email


The same department has completed some re-surfacing work in Forrest Way in Glencairn. The state of the road has been improved significantly.


The City of Cape Town appointed a contractor via a tender process to Re-pave Nerina Road  and Dr. AB Bull Drive in the suburb of Froggy Farm. Work is still ongoing but is proceeding at a steady pace.


The City of Cape Town has undertaken a number of signage consolidation projects in Simon’s Town with more expected to be completed soon. This involves the rationalization of road signage and using poles for more than one sign in order to reduce clutter and create a more streamlined look and feel.

Clarke’s Steps have been given an upgrade by the installation of a new handrail as the old one had rusted off and become unsafe for use. The new handrail is a significant improvement both aesthetically and from a safety perspective.

Kenmuir Steps in Glencairn also received an upgrade with new tar being laid and the weeds being removed.

The storm water gullies in Quarry Road have been repaired and the weeds have been removed in order to ensure that they remain effective. Additional work on the parking area will be completed soon.