Glencairn Tidal Pools

The STCA have been getting frequent requests for information related to the Glencairn Tidal pools. The pools are in a poor state of repair and the City of Cape Town is in the process of having them repaired. The tender process is being followed and naturally this takes some time. Work is scheduled to start in February/March 2017. The Sports, Recreation and Amenities department is responsible for maintaining the pools and will be funding the project, however they have no control over the supply chain management procedures and are bound by internal processes. The delays experienced in this project are regrettable, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


The smaller tidal pool which is closer to Simon’s Town will not be included in the upgrade. The reason for this is that the two pools are very close to one another and there is very limited funding  available which must be utilised optimally.

The pathway which links the tidal pools with the end of the beach is in a terrible state. The Sports, Recreation and Amenities Department have indicated that they will investigate who owns the land and will hold the responsible land owner accountable for the repairs to the pathway. The issue of land ownership in the area is not clear cut, since the City of Cape Town was formed from many smaller municipalities and a lot of information was archived when the municipalities amalgamated.