The Wonder of WiFi

For many residents in Simon’s Town cell phone reception is  problematic. Cell phone networks have been slow to respond to demand in our area and there are still many people who are opposed to more towers being erected for health reasons and because they feel that their properties may be devalued by the structures being placed in close proximity to their houses. The issue is a contentious one.


There is a partial solution to all of this that you my not be aware of though. Some neighbourhood watches in the area have been using Whatsapp groups to communicate for some time. Some people may not be aware of the fact that Whatsapp can be used to make phone calls. This is done by connecting your smart phone to your home WiFi network. It may be the case that your phone cannot support this function but if this is the case then perhaps it is time to consider an upgrade?

It is apparent that at times there will be issues with the internet connectivity in our area but for the most part the internet connection works well enough.

The City of Cape Town are in the process of installing new power cables in Simon’s Town and at the same time new fibre optic cabling is being installed as well. This means we may expect improved internet stability and speed in the near future.


Some banks such as Standard bank will send your One Time Pin  via either E-mail or SMS. If you have the option then it may be a good idea to switch to email, since this does not rely on a cell phone network.


Perhaps one of the only functions which requires cell phone network reception these days is an SMS. This method of communication is not used as frequently as in previous years due to the prevalence of applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

This blog post has been published in order to provide general information to the residents of Simon’s Town.