2016 02 15 Opening of the second St Francis Outreach Foster Home in Masi – another six children rescued off the streets


Ø  2016 02 16 Quarterly Meeting of the Far South Peninsular Community Forum (FSPCF) – the grouping of all communities south of the Muizenberg mountains.     A very full agenda – GATVOL was launched and it is hoped that everyone living south of the mountains will have signed it – have you signed it?   If not please contact me and I can email you a form.   Eileen Heywood was welcomed as a second GEESE Glencairn resident.      


Ø  2016 02 23 Fish Hoek Grade 10s visited the Glencairn Valley for a number of tests and experiments spread up the valley from the Main Road, through the Wetland and Gordons, to Rotary.   About 120 came and it was as always a highly successful day and it was amazing what was expected of the students who would be putting a presentation together at the end.


Ø  2016 03 05 Manned the Phoenix Hall registration point for five hours – an amazing number of new people have moved into this area and there were many first time voters registering.   Little was gained by the registration centre being opened during the Cycle Race but numbers built up afterwards.   Almost no one refused to sign the GATVOL petition and so a number of pages were filled in.


Ø  2016 03 08 Ward Committee Meeting postponed to the following week.


Ø  2016 03 09 AGM & Quarterly Meeting of the Western Cape Wetlands Forum was held at the False Bay Nature Reserve 


Ø  2016 03 09 SAPS Sector 1 Sub-Forum meeting of the Neighbourhood Watches was held with great efficiency – I received the minutes about 18 hours after the meeting!   Student SAPs now working in Simon’s Town – they have a yellow band on their shoulder.   The CPF Exco resigned at the end of October/beginning of November very largely because they were not been listened to – permanently hitting their heads against a stone wall.   A meeting was scheduled with the Cluster Commander in early December but it started one and a half hours late and so not concluded.   A further meeting was scheduled for 8th February but this has been postponed.   Therefore the interim CPF Exco is doing its best to keep things jogging along.   Some more GATVOL signatures were collected.



NOW – Have you checked your new property valuation?    James writes “an update on the valuations process:   although not that well known the city currently (for the next few weeks) has a substantial valuations dept team setup with computers, printers, etc at the Sub Council Chambers (entrance next to the fish hoek library) all property owners can go there and check their new valuations and submit written objections right there the manager Christian Easton there is very approachable and I have copied him in on this email if there are very few objections then the city will be guided thereon   Please make use of this facility.

Ø  As Marike Colyn [] wrote, “We also noticed the re-evaluation (as our rates bill had sky-rocketed), and contacted the CoCT.   They answer as follows:

Kindly note, that as per amended legislation we have had to amend our processes to accommodate the changes in the legislation.

Your property was valued in terms of the amended legislation, you will have received a Supplementary Valuation (SV) notice advising you of the new valuation.    (We never received this, as they use the residential address for deliveries – Noordhoek has no residential postal delivery service)

You will have 30 working days from the date of the notice to request for your valuation to be reviewed. The closing date for this application was on the 20 January 2016.

Unfortunately it is too late to request for your property to be reviewed now.

Your property was valued in the GV2015 and the objection process opens on the 19 February until 29 April 2016.

You can email or go on the to lodge an objection during the prescribed time period.

Part of the amendments to the legislation requires all Supplementary Valuations to be published on a Supplementary Valuation Roll (SV Roll) at the end of the financial.  Publication of the SV Roll entails posting another notice to the owner to advise that if they are still not happy with the valuation, they would have an opportunity to submit an objection.

In light of this, you will be receiving another notice in July 2016 advising you of the publication of the SV Roll and informing you of the procedure to lodge an objection.

Thank you – Meagan Hammersley obo City Valuation office”

We should probably send out notices to rate payers associations members re, this increase.   Kind Regards Marike


Up-Coming Events:

  • 2016.03.01 Get Connected – a free course being held at the Simon’s Town Museum.   It runs from 1st March to 31st May and you will receive a Certificate.   Bring your cellphone or tablet.   Contact Tracey Lewis on 072 014 6492


  • 2016 03 16 Nation Building and Social Cohesion Community Conversation Workshop is being held by the Ministry of Arts and Culture at Living Hope Centre, Capri Village, Kommetjie Road from 10h00 to 14h00 – please contact Cilla Bromley if you would like to attend – cause of catering latecomers might need to take their own food.


  • 2016 Tuesday 22nd March  Institute Maritime Technology (IMT) in conjunction with the SA Navy Environmental Office, SANParks and UCT invite 80 people to their annual evening of presentations at the Maritime Warfare Training Centre – (Maritime School not in the usual IMT building which is being renovated 18h00 for18h30.   RSVP (021) 786 8100 to book your seat.  Advert in today’s Echo.

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