The Far South Peninsula Community Forum have put together a petition, the purpose of which is two fold:
  • to get across to the City, the DA and the Mayor how we feel in the Far South about some of their decisions that do not take our infrastructure, social, security and transport needs into account,
  • to raise local awareness in the area about the huge negative impact that current and future development will have/is having in the Far South.
We want to reach as many people who live or work in the Far South as possible. For instance, if each of us managed to get even two pages of signatures (24) this would contribute 600 signatures. But what we would like is for you to circulate the petition widely, either by email or printed versions, to your contacts and in your shop, thus multiplying by many more the number of petition sheets we can fill in.  In addition the petition has been put on line on Avaaz ( Click on this link:  the-far-south-is-g-a-t-v-o-l ).
Please circulate the petition in paper, or on-line form within Simon’s Town and Glencairn, and beyond.
Many thanks for all your help. Lets get thousands of signatures!

The Far South is:

G A T V O L !

Why is our traffic at a standstill?

Why are our schools overflowing?

Why must people queue for days at clinics?

When will we have reliable public transport?

How much more can our infrastructure take?

Are law enforcers coping?

Can the environment take the strain?

Why does the Mayor continue to approve new developments in the Far South??

Madam Mayor: Stop the destruction of our environment & our economy through greedy over-development !


Please print out copies and circulate as widely as possible in your area. See also Avaaz on-line petition.

Drop off petitions before 31 March 2016 either at Sub-Council Office Fish Hoek Civic Centre, or at your local drop off point.

LOCAL DROP OFF POINT: ..Simon’s Town Pharmacy .

On 31 March FSPCF coordinators are asked to collect all petitions from the local drop off point in their area and take them to the Sub-Council Office Fish Hoek Civic Centre. Thank you. Far South Peninsula Community Forum


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