Guest Speaker for AGM

The Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA) is pleased to announce that columnist and biodiversity expert, Kay Montgomery, will be the guest speaker at the STCA Annual General Meeting on March 16 at the Simon’s Town Town Hall @ 6.30pm.

Kay is a photojournalist, biodiversity conflict manager, publicist, writer, broadcaster, invasive species expert and environmentalist.  A former junior lecturer in geography and environmental science, she is well known for her gardening column that has appeared in the Weekend Argus’s – Saturday Edition – since 1993.

Her relationship with the country’s environmental job creation project, Working for Water  dates back to 1998. In this regard, Kay has managed a Green Industries – Biosecurity Advocacy Programme – writing extensively on the issues of water, biosecurity and invasive species. This past year, Kay has been deeply involved in  communicating the details and impact of the National Environmental Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) on property owners, business, travel and the battle against invasive species.

Having worked with the Firewise and Working on Fire teams, Kay was also involved in selecting plants for ‘zoned firescaping’ – a campaign launched in local garden centres throughout the Southern Cape Peninsula .

In recent years, Kay has worked with the City of Cape Town on biodiversity conflict in their Nature Reserves and has been the communication chief for the Baboon Technical Team.   Her work with invasive species, fire, fynbos, water and baboons has given her a fascinating insight into a host of issues that are critically important to local residents.

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The Argus Cycle Race – Sunday 6th March 2016

The  cyclists riding daily through Simon’s Town remind us that the annual  Argus Cycle Tour is upon us once again. This means road closures, so take a look here to view the cycle route. Why not join in the fun and find a spot from which you can cheer on the competitors…there are a variety of eateries along the route in and around Simon’s Town from which you might do so.


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