STCA Newsflash February 2016



February is upon us already and we welcome everyone to 2016, which we are believing for a great year for the STCA and all the members. (Lots of new ones as well)

Save the date

  • Our AGM is planned for WEDNESDAY THE 16TH MARCH, 2016 at 18.30 for the Simon’s Town City Hall.
  • We are expecting a great SPEAKER so watch this SPACE.
  • We had a wonderful turnout at our previous Meeting, we are hoping to double these numbers !

What’s new:

  • Follow us on Facebook to see what is relevant and happening in our area.
  • Have a look at our new Website  Simon’s Town Civic Association
  • Follow us on Twitter@SimonstownCivic
  • We are birthing JAM……what is this? Well we want all the other Associations to meet and discuss what we are all doing for the common purpose of serving this community.  The activities and events from each Association can all be on one common platform being the new website, for everyone to know what is happening in and around our area.  So often, an event is not advertised sufficiently and no one knows about it.   We want to change that and create an EVENT CALENDAR
  • We now have a partnership with GEESE which will greatly assist with the conservation of the Glencairn Wetlands

Drive for new Members

  • We are hoping to expand our Membership extensively this year, and need YOUR SUPPORT. (Click on all the links for more details)
  • Look forward to meeting you all on the 16th March 2016.
  • We are in need of help in many of the areas especially communication, if you are interested please contact us.
  • This poster is an initiative that we support and you can see it on our Website as well.
Let’s expand this wonderful initiative to Simon’s Town and surrounding areas.  Check our website for updates.
The old Cable-way and Historical site is in need of alien removal and rejuvenation. Please let us know if you are interested in assisting us.

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