Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA)

Over the past year, the Simon’s Town Civic Association EXCO has been engaging on a number of issues which affect the residents of Simon’s Town.

The key focus areas for the past year were:

  1. Key Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Vagrants and By-law control
  3. Greening

A number of successes have been achieved in each of these spheres.

Key Stakeholder engagement

This portfolio involved engaging with the South African navy and The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA)

  • The SA Navy has been slow to respond but we have made some inroads there.
  • PRASA was engaged with regards to expediting the re-construction of the wall at the Simon’s Town railway station

Vagrants and By-law control

  • This portfolio Achieved some success in that a gate was installed at the Whyte’s building which discouraged vagrants from sitting in a disused doorway.
  • Various improvements in Smith’s Lane has led to a reduction in vagrant activity there
  • Periodic monitoring of Chad Cupido who is the dedicated law enforcement officer for Simon’s Town was undertaken


This portfolio has been very active and has achieved a number of successes

  • The cleaning of Chapel Lane by the Green jobs team
  • Clearing of the Invasive alien vegetation on the corner of Wilfred and Breda Streets
  • Various improvements in the lanes of Simon’s Town with more progress expected soon



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