Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA)

The Simon’s Civic Association (STCA) extends you a warm welcome to the greater Simon’s Town area.
As a prospective or new ratepayer we would like to introduce our Association to you. We are pressure group representing ratepayers in the greater Simon’s Town area providing specific focus on local issues.
Additional information is also available on our Website (, Facebook (SimonstownCivicAssociation) and Twitter (@SimonstownCivic).
Our core function is to represent ratepayers in the greater Simon’s Town area including the following suburbs:-
Smitswinkel Bay
Millers Point
Murdoch Valley
Froggy Farm
Simon’s Town
Simon’s Kloof
Admirals Kloof
Dido Valley
Glen Marine
Da Gama Park
We are extremely fortunate to reside in one of the world’s most beautiful areas, our goal is to improve and maintain its visual beauty and ensure all infrastructure and facilities are in good order. We also have ongoing communications with the various stakeholders in our area including the Cape Town City Council, the South African Navy, the South African Parks Board, the Public Rail Agency of South Africa and local businesses.
As a ratepayer we would like to encourage you to become a member of our Association or become part of our Committee. The Executive Committee consists only of volunteers however we do require some income to run the Association and encourage you to become a member. The cost is minimal, only R100.00 per annum and can be paid directly into our bank account or in cash at the STADCO office in Jubilee Square, Simon’s Town.
Our banking details for EFT payment are:-
Simon’s Town Civic Association
Standard Bank – Fishhoek (036009)
Account No. 073815209
Please use fees”your name” as reference.




8 thoughts on “Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA)

  1. Morning STCA,

    Is there an opportunity to become a part this forum? For example we have had the Navy firing canons for two days in a row. Apart from the stress of the whales, sea creatures, dogs, cats…. are we at war? What is the purpose of this insane activity?


    1. Good day

      Please be advised that the STCA have raised a concern with the relevant authorities regarding the firing exercises and their impact upon the whale season. We are confident that the authorities have things under control. In addition, you are welcome to join the STCA, please visit our page and fill out the form. There is a cost involved. The SA Navy regularly undertake firing exercises as part of training and it must be remembered that the SA Navy were here long before we were. We must respect them and they must respect us. Thank you for your interest in our organisation.


  2. Good Morning,
    I applied for a membership on the last AGM on 22.03.17 and would like to know where can I mention an Issue I have with Golden Arrow busses in Murdock Valley?
    It is terrible what happens here in the turn around in Ixia Road every day twice in the Morning and Afternoon.
    Please help!
    Thanks Martina


  3. Hello – we would like to plant eugenia tress in front of the fence of the SAPS Sea Borderline Control offices in Quarry Road. There is space of about a metre between the road and the fence. Would the City/Civics have any objection?


    1. Hello Roy
      Presumably you would like to create a hedge ? Eugenias can grow into really large trees is they are not shaped or pruned. How about going for something indigenous like the Salvia Lutea. It can be grown from cuttings and forms a nice hedge which the birds also like. It is water-wise, hardy and wind resistant.


      1. We have taken advice from Melanie of Harry Goemans who would do the work and have changed to the indigenous False Olive – Buddleja saligna.

        I’m presuming there would be no objection from the City/Civics? As to initial watering, we have a stream which flows throughout the year in a gully in Quarry Road and I would use this for a weekly watering.


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